Hello and Welcome to Unity-Linux.

What is Unity-Linux?

Well quite simply, it's a Linux Distribution.. more so a project that aims at educating and helping those who want to create their own Linux distribution. How it came about is a long and torrid story, but you can find more information on our about page.

Let's Get Technical!

If you would like more technical information check out our completely unfinished and most likely not much of a help wiki. There's also this blog thingy that I update from time to time as well.

An Encore

but wait there's more we also have a cozy little corner of an IRC channel at freenode #UnityLinux

A Disclaimer

I'm not only the President and CEO but also a user as well! Well we really don't have a CEO or President (that I know of), but the statement is true at it's core. I am committed to seeing this project through as I need this project as much as the next guy. I would like to point out though at this time there's only a few of us and that means things will happen slowly, in the very least with this site the wiki, blog, etc.. The best place to find information "right now" would be IRC and that's still not a guarantee.. I have a life (kinda). So just to let you know things are moving (maybe just slow) and stuff is happening, but these here resources may not always reflect it.