Why donate money?

Unity Linux is available free of cost and is not a business. It is developed by a small group of developers that fund the project out of pocket. These developers give hundreds of dollars to cover website hosting as well as many hours of their time creating and updating packages and troubleshooting problems users have. Unity is funded by advertising and donations alone.
How Do We Use the Funds?

The money is used to pay for hosting, to advertise on other websites, to purchase equipment and to fund the work of the people behind it. We have full transparency through monthly reports sent to our public mailing list to show donations we have collected and what we spend the money on.

How much should you give?

Really it doesn’t matter! If you find Unity useful, just donate any amount you’d like to. We’re happy to receive any donation at all! If you do donate, don’t forget to encourage others to do so.
What Does Donating Get Me?

We’d love to be able to send out free Unity Linux T-Shirts, coffee mugs, and keychains with each donation but the fact of the matter is, we’re a small team funded by donations and the pockets of our developers. Even though we can’t do these things, we can recognize donors to the Unity Linux project. Therefore, when you donate, you can elect to be listed on our sponsor wall which will show the amount you donated.

Great!  Where Can I donate?

Use the form below.  Currently, we only accept donations in US Dollars but we are working toward accepting donations in Euros as well.  Please be patient while we get things setup.

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