New Directions – Aim For Stable

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Hello Unity Community! There’s been a lot of flux in the Mandriva community these past few months and we’ve been chugging along as best as we can.  Since there is no Mandriva release in sight right now…we’ve decided to switch over to ROSA for our 2012 release. As you might recall, we switched base to Mandriva and retired our repositories.  This still holds true and our next ROSA-based release will still be compatible with Mandriva and even some old Unity packages.  We’ve moved all our packaging upstream to...

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Update on Our Development Website

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Where has gone? We had a catastrophic fail in the raid group where our SVN was hosted.  Since this SVN was only a copy of our Build Server we didn’t really need it that much but just the same, we liked giving users the ability to see what was in the distribution and what was coming down the pipe at them. We took the opportunity to move all our SVN items (except our Unity only and Branded channels) over to Mandriva.  Not only does this eliminate our second layer of complication (possibility for human error) but it...

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Unity Linux 2012 Alpha 1 Released

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Unity Linux 2012 Alpha 1 The developers at the Unity Linux project are pleased to announce a new alpha snapshot of the upcoming 2012 release in both 32 bit and 64 bit versions.  This release is the first in a while due to the fact that we have migrated all our repositories over to utilize the Mandriva ones.  Much work has gone on to make sure that Unity and Smart work with upstream repositories at Mandriva. This ISO is based on Mandriva Cooker and we utilize our own repositories for packages not available upstream.  As we noted in our...

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Unity Linux 2011 Alpha 2 Released

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Unity Linux 2011 Alpha 2 The developers at the Unity Linux project are pleased to announce a brand new alpha snapshot of the upcoming 2011 release. The 2011 alpha 2 release provides a few big updates to core packages, but the emphasis on the 2011 release continues to be maintaining stability during structural changes that will accommodate a move toward Mandriva repositories.  This release shows our new aim which is to provide JEOS (Just Enough Operating System) to give users a core to build upon.  The Unity developers are aiming for an...

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A New Direction

Posted by on Aug 8, 2011 in Featured Articles, news | 16 comments

The Unity Linux developers have come to a crossroads and these past few weeks and were even considering throwing in the towel on our beloved distribution.  Why would some of us consider quitting?  We’ve got so many issues to fix and not enough people to fix them…and it is weighing heavily on many of the active developers…but we have persevered through this rough patch and I will tell you how.  First, let me describe the problems our distro has had these past few months in detail: kernels – Our kernel developer as some...

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Unscheduled Network Downtime This Weekend

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Apologies to all Unity Linux users for unscheduled downtime of all Unity Linux websites this past weekend.  A catastrophic failure at our host resulted in about 2 days worth of downtime for us.  We were able to get back up and running, albeit, at a painfully slow pace.  We’ll be taking some actions to spread things out a bit so that a failure like this won’t bring us completely down in the future.  Apologies to all our users and look for things to sure up and remain more solid in the future!...

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Unity and Yoper, a tale of two distros…

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Unity Linux and Yoper Linux, two rpm5 distributions of yore (ok, maybe not of yore…but definitely of legend?) have begun a collaboration project that hopes to revolutionize the way both distributions are built, maintained, and developed.  It’s ambitious.  It’s edgy.  Lady Gaga sings about it on her next album.  Ok, so Lady Gaga may not be singing about it…BUT, we’ve started working on this project with aims to automate and assist packagers and developers in their task of maintaining distributions. With this...

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Community Day a Success

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Dear reader, dear Unity Linux friend, it worked! We are happy to say that community day last Saturday worked out to be a great time for all who showed up. Well, what exactly did happen? Even though we had an rather long Agenda that we wanted to address, time did permit for us to cover all of the topics. Having a great community is of key importance to us. We simply won’t function without the community. To open ourselves even more, we introduced the community structure, outlining how community members can become ‘Unity Members’, Sponsors, and...

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Unity Linux 2011 Alpha Released!

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The developers at the Unity Linux project are pleased to announce a brand new alpha snapshot of the upcoming 2011 release. The 2011 alpha release provides a few big updates to core packages, but the emphasis on the 2011 release will be the beginning of structural changes to the core. These changes are being done to make creating a distribution based on Unity Linux easier and less complicated. The 2011 alpha brings new changes to Unity Linux basic ISO: Updated kernel & Perl 5.12.2 Mklivecd updates The core structural changes...

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Unity-Linux Community Day

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Dear reader, dear Unity-Linux friend,
Change. All distributions go through it… some change is bad and some is good. Unity Linux has quietly moved past its second year of existence. During this time we directly targeted other developers for our audience. We wanted to give anyone wanting to craft their own distribution the tools and empower them to build upon our platform. There were many changes along the way: Repository restructuring, an upcoming big perl update, Enlightenment growing pains and the soon to be ready XFCE 4.8 packages. Many of you have stuck with us through all the bumps as we crafted an identity for ourselves and our distribution.

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