New Directions – Aim For Stable

Hello Unity Community!

There’s been a lot of flux in the Mandriva community these past few months and we’ve been chugging along as best as we can.  Since there is no Mandriva release in sight right now…we’ve decided to switch over to ROSA for our 2012 release.

As you might recall, we switched base to Mandriva and retired our repositories.  This still holds true and our next ROSA-based release will still be compatible with Mandriva and even some old Unity packages.  We’ve moved all our packaging upstream to Mandriva and ROSA and we’re going to try to make use of the ROSA build system called AFB in the future to produce releases for us.

What using ROSA AFB means is that ISO generation won’t be handled by mklivecd anymore.  We think mklivecd is great but it’s a very complex tool in its current state and there are only 1 or 2 people who have any idea how to work on it left on Team Unity.  Since we still want to make an ISO that is remasterable for end user we’ll be coming up with a replacement for mklivecd soon.

In the meantime, we’ll be releasing one last ISO with mklivecd based on ROSA Marathon.  It will have the default Unity Desktop as past releases have had and will be fully remasterable and customizable using upstream repositories.  We’ll also begin migrating knowledgebase upstream to Mandriva so our wiki will eventually be decommissioned.  The forum will stay put for the time being and our main page is here to stay.  Our Git repositories will stay put for archival purposes and our site will most likely shut down since it is not housing SVN anymore.

You can see a summary of all this information on our developer meeting notes page shared in Google Docs.

Future releases will be based on ROSA and/or Mandriva (whichever is most stable at the time) with a new remaster tool we’ll be developing with ROSA/Mandriva.  So, while our base has some churn…we can’t prevent some churn as well…but we’re doing our best to mitigate it.  Look for an ISO announcement in the next few weeks!


  1. Anton Chernyshov

    Please fix ROSA build system name. It’s named ABF – Automated Build Farm

  2. That is really a awesome news .

  3. the idiot

    No, not Auto.Build Farm.
    Auto.Farm Build.
    In Russia, farm builds you.