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Unity Issue Tracking System

Issues List on Unity Linux Developer Portal

The Unity Linux issue tracker is for bug reports and feature requests.  All Unity Linux teams track their workload in this system.  If you can’t find documentation or decide you’re missing a feature, please ask around in the forums and if things are still wonky, let us know via filing an issue.

Unity Linux Documentation

The Unity Linux wiki is a resource for developers and end users to find answers to their questions.  Unity developers and community members can register/sign up to add content to our ever growing documentation pool.  This is an excellent resource for people who are looking to get involved with Unity Linux that do not know how to contribute…by signing up and helping us document various aspects of Unity Linux.

Unity Linux RPM Finder

Looking for a specific package for Unity Linux?  Use our handy RPM Finder!  We leverage Google’s search interface to index all of the RPM’s you can install in Unity Linux (including some Mandriva Cooker ones!).

Unity Linux Developers Mailing List

Are you a developer or possibly looking to base your distribution on Unity Linux?  If so, join the developers mailing list so that you are aprised of all developments that can affect downstream distributions.  The Unity developers strive to keep you updated on repository changes, package information, structure changes, and anything that might have an effect on your distributions end users.  PLEASE NOTE:  Support for end users is not given on this list…it is for distribution developers and branch maintainers only!

Unity on Facebook


Unity Linux has a facebook group that you can join.  The latest news and announcements will be aggregated there to keep you informed.  You can interact and friend other Unity Linux users.  Many of our developers are group administrators of this group.  See you on facebook!

Unity Linux on Twitter


We’re on twitter in two places.  First, our news feed automatically posts to our Unity Linux Twitter account and we also have a secondary account for SVN commits.  Keep yourself up to date by following those accounts.