Unity Linux 2010 Beta 1 Released!

The Unity Linux project is pleased to announce its first beta release, 2010 Beta 1.

Mandriva-based Unity Linux utilizes the MkLiveCD project, which allows developers to create their own distribution on top of a Unity Linux core (or “trunk”). Unity Linux thus strives to provide a solid, well maintained foundation that developers can use as a starting point to build their own “remastered” distributions, or as we like to call them, “branches.”

Currently, Unity Linux offers both 32-bit and 64-bit LiveCDs. Nearly 7,000 packages are available after installation. In an effort to give distribution developers maximum flexibility, the core is kept small and usable, but not too basic. Unity Linux provides developers with the bare minimum– just enough to make use of remaster tools, the smart package manager, a kernel, and rpm5.

To facilitate easy access to packages, Unity Linux utilizes an SVN repository which also houses internal projects. All the necessary tools as well as a basic tutorial for building packages are already provided via our documentation wiki. An automatic build system to work with the SVN repository is in progress along with many other tools to make Unity the most functional project to start a personal or professional branch.

Check our Downloads page to get the 32 bit and 64 bit LiveCDs.


  1. where do you suggest to download from in the usa?

    • USA mirrors will be used for the first major release. Until then, please use one of the mirrors provided. Thanks!

  2. où voulez-vous suggérons de télécharger à partir aux USA?

    • USA miroirs seront utilisés pour la version la plus importante. Jusque-là, s'il vous plaît utilisez l'un des miroirs fournis. Merci!

  3. S'il vous plaît signaler tout bug que vous pourriez avoir à courir à travers http://issues.unity-linux.org Merci:)

  4. Tryed the live cd and could not find any way to get on internet.
    Why no browser like firefox.

  5. Tryed du Live CD et ne pouvait trouver aucun moyen d'obtenir sur Internet. Pourquoi aucun navigateur comme Firefox.

  6. Because it is up to you what you choose for your purposes.

  7. Parce que c'est à vous ce que vous choisissez pour vos buts.

  8. Good job! Thanks!

  9. Good job! Merci!

  10. Unity Linux is doing good at this early stage even. There are problems here and there but they will be fixed, there are missing packages from repos, they will also be populated too sooner,, so please test and report bugs.


  11. Linux est l'unité en faisant le bien à ce stade précoce même. Il ya des problèmes ici et là mais elles seront fixes, il manque des paquets de repos, ils seront aussi peuplées trop tôt,, s'il vous plaît pour tester et rapporter des bugs. Regards,

  12. eugen popescu

    Sorry!! on 32 bit dsl (pppoe) not work
    could not install the packages ( rp-pppoe )

    • Then use the package manager to identify any dependencies of rp-pppoe, download them using another system and put them on a usb stick, then install them from the usb stick.

  13. eugen popescu

    Désolé! dsl sur 32 bits (PPPoE) ne fonctionne pas Impossible d'installer les paquets (rp-pppoe)

    • Ensuite, utilisez le gestionnaire de paquet pour identifier toutes les dépendances de rp-pppoe, les télécharger en utilisant un autre système et les mettre sur une clé USB, puis les installer à partir de la clé USB.

  14. eugen popescu

    merci! mais le DSL (PPPoE) fonctionne pas! ok carte réseau! (sur OS amende pclinux travail)

  15. Je ne suis pas un fan de tr / min distro, mais je suis d'minimalisme. Cela ressemble à un projet intéressant et je vous souhaite la meilleure des chances!

  16. I’m not a fan of rpm distro’s but I am of minimalism. This looks like an interesting project and I wish you the best of luck!

  17. Can the iso be installed on a USB stick ?

  18. Peut-iso être installé sur une clé USB?

  19. Is the live cd based on beta1

  20. Est le live CD basé sur beta1

  21. Can anyone provide a screen shot of this new distro ?

  22. Quelqu'un peut-il fournir une copie d'écran de cette nouvelle distribution?

  23. gettinther

    check distrowatch for the screenshot ;)

  24. gettinther

    Vérifiez Distrowatch pour le screenshot;) http://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=uni

  25. Wah ga nyangka ketemu orang bali disini

  26. Wah ga nyangka ketemu Disini Bali orang

  27. My favourite programs are Kontact and WLan. In PCLOS, both OK, but there is a defect (I think due to the versions of KDE and Kontact are old). When you create an event which is more than one day in KOrganizer then you can't get continuous line on calendar. What's more other events might push the uncontinuous line downwards.
    In Tinyme, Kontact runs perfectly with none of above bugs. But my AirPlus DEL650+ can't work though it is recognized.
    Is Tinyme the same as Unity?

  28. Please report any bug you might have run across to http://issues.unity-linux.org

    Thanks :)

  29. eugen popescu

    thanks !! but dsl (pppoe ) not work!
    net card ok ! (on pclinux os work fine)


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