Unity Linux 2011 Alpha Released!

The developers at the Unity Linux project are pleased to announce a brand new alpha snapshot of the upcoming 2011 release. The 2011 alpha release provides a few big updates to core packages, but the emphasis on the 2011 release will be the beginning of structural changes to the core. These changes are being done to make creating a distribution based on Unity Linux easier and less complicated.

The 2011 alpha brings new changes to Unity Linux basic ISO:

  • Updated kernel & Perl 5.12.2
  • Mklivecd updates

The core structural changes slated for the 2011 release:

  • All dynamic dkms kernel modules to be converted to static kernel packages. [DONE]
  • NetworkManager to completely replace drakx-net [DONE]
  • Fully implemented unity metapackages [DONE]
  • Removal of HAL, and updating Xorg [IN PROGRESS]
  • Move to rpm 5.3.x and implement RPM ACID [IN PROGRESS]
  • Move to python 2.7.x [IN PROGRESS]
  • Update toolchain to GCC 4.5.x [IN PROGRESS]
  • Update kernel version to 2.6.37.x for better KMS support [IN PROGRESS]

As mentioned above, changes to the main branching tool, mklivecd:

  • UTF-8 bug fixed
  • Support for newer kernels while bootstrapping.

The 2011 alpha release is a test release to show the viability of the new direction of development for Unity Linux. We have developed an in-house script (create-basesystem) to easily and reliably recreate snapshot ISOs of the Unity Linux package repository at anytime. The idea behind this is that using the create-basesystem script and unity metapackages, while also creating a <BRANCH>-desktop metapackage, one could easily recreate reliable and good branch ISOs.

The past practice has been to take a fully loaded ISO install it and go about customizing the packages installed to your liking, then create an ISO with mklivecd. While this is a great option for people that would like do their own remasters, for branch distribution developers, this option is not very clean nor is it very repeatable. Especially for branches that want to offer both i586 and x86_64 ISOs. The create-basesystem script along with unity metapackages and <BRANCH>-desktop metapackage will simplify and streamline the process for branch developers making it even easier to create your own distribution of Linux based on Unity.

Known issues:

  1. When you choose Media Check from the livecd Grub menu, you must switch to tty1 (use key combination Ctrl-Alt-F1) in order to see the output from the check.
  2. Synchronization to our main mirror ibiblio.org has been interrupted while they go through a migration period. We’ll let you know when they have restored service. Until then, our mirrors are over a week behind.
  3. If you use Wireless to connect to the internet, NetworkManager could well be blocking your desktop, keeping you from opening files and launching applications. Simply disconnect and reconnect to the network.




Edit: Access to ibiblio has been restored and syncronization to all our mirrors should began to filter through.

Check the mirrors.

For the 32bit iso Dowload here. md5 checksum

For the 64bit iso Dowload here. md5 checksum


    • downloaded the 64 bit version: installation smooth, apart from one minor glitch, at first: desktop icon click once, nothing happens. Went to control panel, to compel autologin for user. on reboot, error message appeared, signaling very short login, demanding a new login. Rebooted, desktop appeared, looks normal, looks good. BUT, nothing works. Neither drop down menus by right click on desktop, nor central menu by left button from lower left corner. The menus appear, as expected, but invoking any one of them, gives nothing. OS just sits there. Looks good 1280 x 1024, as usual.
      PIVD Asrock MBoard, 1 GB DDR memory, SATA hard drive

      • I believe this is the networkmanager bug we have seen and xorg. There is a work around of disconnecting nm and reconnecting.

        • Thanks mdawkins, perhaps someone else may understand perfectly, what you intend to explain. I do not. sorry to be so dense.

          There is no method to "disconnect nm" or anything else. The system is FROZEN. Nothing works, no terminal, not reboot, nothing. I can of course, reboot by hitting the reset button, but that's it. Short of a wholly new re-installation, there is nothing more to be done with the extant installation.

          However, if I were able, for example, after reinstalling the OS, to gain control of the OS, once more, I still would have no idea what you are talking about: i.e. I would certainly not know how to go about the process of "disconnecting nm", I have no idea what "nm" is, let alone how to connect it or disconnect it.

          If this is a bug, then, fine, alpha versions should have bugs…

          CAI ENG

  1. I downloaded the Alpha for Unity 2011 yesterday, and I'm excited to test it in VMware. I have been a fan of Unity since 2009, and use Unity on a regular basis as a new OS for my client's older computers. Unity + (E17 or XFCE) + OOo = perfect OS for older laptops and desktops for students and typical home users. Good stuff guys!

  2. First browser on.next 3 g nokia c-15 dongle on.If dongle is already on browser wont start.

  3. Peter Goodwin

    I am a newcomer, but have downloaded the distro. But I have no idea what the password etc., is . Please explain.

    Thank you, Peter Goodwin

  4. Tom Deselt

    Excellent big. Lightening up with my new Cycle Lamp.


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