Unity-Linux Community Day

Dear reader, dear Unity-Linux friend,

Change. All distributions go through it… some change is bad and some is good. Unity Linux has quietly moved past its second year of existence. During this time we directly targeted other developers for our audience. We wanted to give anyone wanting to craft their own distribution the tools and empower them to build upon our platform. There were many changes along the way:  Repository restructuring, an upcoming big perl update, Enlightenment growing pains and the soon to be ready XFCE 4.8 packages. Many of you have stuck with us through all the bumps as we crafted an identity for ourselves and our distribution.

In the middle of all the changes our loyal community had only the mailing list to communicate with us. While this is a normal setup for a distribution, we want to do better. Therefore, we’d like to announce a ‘Unity-Linux community day’ for Saturday, January the 29, 2011.

Community day? Why and what for?
The developers of Unity-Linux would like to invite you to a day of Q&A with us in our #unitylinux IRC channel on freenode.org. On this day, we’d like to take your questions, criticism and suggestions for improvement. This is your chance to let Unity Linux developers know where you see Unity Linux going.

We’d also like to invite you to be a part of helping the Unity Linux community… the developers will be assisting community members in building a new ‘community organization’ for Unity. This organization will give the community members more input on the directions Unity Linux takes in the future and provide a path for you to become a Unity Sponsor, Member or even a Developer.

See you there

on behalf of the developers
Jon Dill

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  1. Great idea! Unity Linux is showing again its focus in their community. and surely this will give more strenght to links between users and developers.

    ¡Magnífica idea! Nuevamente Unity deja ver su enfoque en la comunidad y seguramente que de esto surgirán vínculos todavía más estrechos entre usuarios y desarrolladores. La traducción al español de la invitación está disponible en http://tmlinux.posterous.com/dia-de-la-comunidad-


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