Update on Our Development Website

Where has dev.unity-linux.org gone?

We had a catastrophic fail in the raid group where our SVN was hosted.  Since this SVN was only a copy of our Build Server we didn’t really need it that much but just the same, we liked giving users the ability to see what was in the distribution and what was coming down the pipe at them.

We took the opportunity to move all our SVN items (except our Unity only and Branded channels) over to Mandriva.  Not only does this eliminate our second layer of complication (possibility for human error) but it allows our fixes to be applied DIRECTLY at the Mandriva level…which helps out our parent distribution right along side of helping us out.

All projects from dev.unity-linux.org (like mklivecd, unity-install) are now hosted on github.  We’ll probably move these to a more generic location at a later date but for now, those projects are available for anyone and everyone to contribute to.

Bug reporting has moved UPSTREAM to Mandriva’s bug tracker since we’re using packages directly from there.  However, problems/bugs with Unity projects like mklivecd and unity-installer can be reported directly to the Unity Developers Mailing List.

So, now that we’ve moved away from having our developer website, what’s next?

We’re currently working on providing a web interface to our branded channels and hope to have something working on unity-linux.org soon.  We’re also working with Mandriva on helping them form a community around their distribution as well as updating many of their package stacks/desktops like gnome3 and e17.

So when is Unity Linux 2012 going to be released?

We’re waiting to see what Mandriva and Rosa do first.  Honestly, there is a lot of churn in the background and there is plenty of development going on despite the churn in those businesses.  Our 2012 Alpha ISO can be updated to current Cooker and you can continue to work with that ISO for your remasters.  When things sort themselves out and a full stable ISO from Mandriva/Rosa is released (or a LTS release from Rosa) we’ll work on getting an ISO out based on that release for our remasters to work with.  Until then, we, like you, continue to wait and see what happens.

One thing is certain, we’re behind Mandriva 100% as long as they keep using rpm5.  Unity Linux is so invested in this concept that one of our developers has been working on upstream work at rpm5.org.  We’re committed to the Mandriva community…and if there isn’t one…remember that Unity has a community and we’ve been around for 4+ years now.  We’ll welcome anyone to our small band of Linux users.  So keep that in mind and thanks for using Unity Linux!

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